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Disrupting the Retail Food Waste Funnel with Flashfood

Disrupting the Retail Food Waste Funnel with Flashfood

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Disrupting the Retail Food Waste Funnel with Flashfood
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Josh Domingues, CEO of Flashfood, talks with S2G’s Chuck Templeton about why he dove into the food waste issue and the rare opportunity Flashfood has to create a marketplace where everyone wins. Grocery stores can sell food that would otherwise be discarded while driving increased visits and spending in store, and consumers save money on groceries at a time when prices for many foods are reaching record highs. According to Josh, stemming grocery food waste is all about making it easy for stores to market expiring goods to consumers and finding the right price point. He also shares advice on finding the right mentors and staying honest and focused despite all the challenges of building a company.

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Josh Domingues

Founder and CEO


Josh Domingues is the Founder & CEO of Flashfood, a mobile marketplace that connects surplus food from grocery stores directly to its community at great prices. Josh founded Flashfood in 2016 after reading about the environmental effects of food waste. Determined to make a difference, Josh often cites that if international food waste were a country, it would be the third leading cause of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) behind the US and China. Flashfood doubles down on using food to do good, by rescuing food that can be used to help feed those in need or unable to afford fresh and healthy food options such as those that Flashfood provides. After earning a Bachelor of Commerce Cum Laude (Finance and Management Science) from Saint Mary’s University, Josh started his career as an investment advisor before becoming a management consultant and VP at a boutique firm that managed financial affairs for professional hockey players.

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