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To back the best entrepreneurs that are improving the overall health and sustainability of the food system.




Core Values as a Compass in Challenging Times

Core Values as a Compass in Challenging Times

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Core Values as a Compass in Challenging Times
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We at S2G believe the world can be a better place when we emerge from this pandemic if we continue to support the people that are improving the health and quality of the food system. We’re particularly excited about those that do so while also doing what’s best for their partners, the farmer, their employees, and their customers. In this episode of Where We Grow From Here, we will be joined by an entrepreneur that is doing just that: Corwin Heatwole, Founder and CEO of Shenandoah Valley Organic -- makers of Farmer Focus brand poultry (the premier provider of high quality organic poultry) is with us to talk about his journey in founding SVO, the core cultural values he’s instilled into the business, and how these values have helped guide the company through these challenging times during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Corwin Heatwole

Founder and CEO

Shenandoah Valley Organic

Corwin Heatwole grew up on a 6th generation family farm where he tended poultry and experienced day-to-day farming operations. He knew there had to be a better way to partner with farmers and treat them fairly, while raising animals humanely. Corwin dreamed of revolutionizing the industry by creating a process that ensures farms are sustainable and profitable for the next generation. Corwin first purchased his own farm at age 23. In 2013, the Farmer Focus Business Model emerged from Corwin’s conversation with local farmers. Through this model farmers are true partners: they receive fair compensation for their hard work and have the freedom to make decisions for their own businesses. In 2014, Corwin founded his current company – mission-based and values-driven Shenandoah Valley Organic - offering Farmer Focus branded meat products. Corwin’s deep commitment to farmers, animals and environmental stewardship results in high-quality, clean-label, organic products, ensuring a healthy source of nutrition through the most humane, clean and environmentally friendly processes possible.

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