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The State of Farming in America and The Farm Economy

The State of Farming in America and The Farm Economy

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The State of Farming in America and The Farm Economy
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Today we're going to talk about the current state of farming in America and how two farm businesses are doing in today’s environment. With COVID-19, we have witnessed a tremendous demand for food and we have seen the fragility of our overall food system. We wanted to go straight to the farm gate and talk with farmers at the front line about how they are managing through this crisis. We also wanted to learn about their operation and how they think about innovation and leadership. In this episode of Where We Grow From Here, we are joined by Ryan Weeks of Weeks Family Farms, a fifth-generation farmer from Nebraska and Justin Bruch, President and Founder of Clear Frontier Ag Management and a fifth-generation farmer from Iowa.


Justin Bruch

President and Founder

Clear Frontier Ag Management

Justin is a born and raised 5th generation Iowa farmer. He has actively farmed on 4 continents and has spent his entire career working in agriculture across North America (USA/Canada), South America, Europe, and Africa.

Ryan Weeks

CEO and Co-Owner

Weeks Family Farms

Ryan is the CEO and co-owner of Weeks Family Farms. He has spent most of his career involved in leadership roles supporting Agriculture and his community. Currently he spends his time managing the expanding size and scope of the farm which is expanding into Organics, Non-GMO production and food grade opportunites in multiple commodities. In his spare time he enjoys a round of golf, some fishing and chasing around three kids in multiple activities along with his wife Kristi.

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