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Growing Beyond the Hype: Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled farming has the potential to offer consumers and supply chain stakeholders resilient, sustainable, local, high-quality products. Utilizing different methods and formats, indoor and greenhouse producers can alleviate systemic nutrition and food access challenges, while mitigating climate and outdoor production risk. In our latest report, we explore Controlled Environment Agriculture in the context of today’s market and perspectives on the future potential.


Vindara Announces Acquisition by Kalera

Vindara announced they have been acquired by Kalera. The deal will enable Vindara to expand their seed research and development programs.

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Project Well: Making Life-Changing Nutrition Accessible While Bending the Healthcare Cost Curve

Project Well is a new food-as-medicine platform that connects health plans and their members to high quality, nutritionally targeted meals.

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S2G Oceans: A Conversation on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

A virtual conversation with S2G Oceans MDs about exciting technologies, their vision for our Oceans fund and advice for entrepreneurs.

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On The Frontlines of Innovation with Ripple Foods

Laura Flanagan, CEO of Ripple Foods and Adam Lowry, co-founder of Ripple Foods discuss building brands with purpose in a changing market and the value of impact and measurement for companies including becoming a B-Corp and the Ripple Effect. Both Laura and Adam dish on tactical tips for women in leadership and entrepreneurs.


Returns, Risk and Carbon Footprint with CDPQ

CDPQ's Frédéric Godbout and Mario Therrien discuss the value of partnerships and break down CDPQs strategy for return, risk, and carbon footprints including how CDPQ supports innovation and growth across their direct investment platform. Guests also provide insights to entrepreneurs and companies on what they are looking for today with a direct investment and partner.


The Role of Technology and New Tools to Tackle Food Waste and Hunger

As a record number of Americans face hunger, food insecurity has increasingly become a major focal point as we think about building a better food system. To understand the landscape of food insecurity in America and opportunities to build a better system, we connect with Emily Ma and Joe Intrakamhan's on their journey with Google [X] and the data initiative to address hunger in America.


Project Well is helping healthcare system use food as medicine with $2m in seed funding

Project Well provides at-risk healthcare plan members with nutritonal counseling and tailored meal plans to target chronic disease.

Take the guesswork out of in-field applications

As farmers focus on near-term cash flow vs. maximizing profit long term, Aaron Rudberg predicts there may be a short-term slowdown in technology adoption.

Where Does Grocery Go Next With Online Fulfillment

Arthur Chow, VP at S2G Ventures, explains why Amazon’s early foundation may provide a clue as to why brick-and-mortar will still be needed to build a resilient grocery supply chain.


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